One of the tenets of libertarianism is voluntarism. Another one is localization. Here we are, trying to utilize both. I am the Central Region Representative of the Librarian Party of Maine and I had this idea to help fundraise for emergency fuel when my daughters school was doing a local food drive in Oakland. I thought to myself, what is the best way to give back to the community, other than a food drive? I thought what is one of the most expensive costs we have in the winter, that is going to just keep going up? That was when I had my ah ha moment. Heating fuel. 

So I ran some ideas by my local town, and the clerk informed me they have a discretionary fund that is used for emergency purposes and is a lot easier to apply for, and that was when I decided that would be the best route to go through. As the state’s IT Director as well, I went ahead and created all the needed items in PayPal and the page on the website and posted it to our local Facebook pages. Here it is for the link

Fundraising For Fuel​


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