Libertarianism In A Nutshell

Neighborhood Lemonade Stand

Imagine a neighborhood lemonade stand ran by two little kids on the front lawn of one of their homes. Each morning the children wake up and begin working to make their fresh-squeezed, ice-cold, lemonade. They use only the finest lemons, sugar, and bottled water to make their product which has more or less given them a monopoly on lemonade stands in the neighborhood through their exceptional quality and lack of competition. It costs them approximately 50 cents per cup to make, and they sell a cup for $1 earning 50 cents per cup sold. During the first week of their

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If I were governor

What would Maine’s crisis response look like had I had been inaugurated Governor of Maine on January 2nd, 2019, rather than Janet Mills? Originally published in April of 2020 While it is easy to sit on the sidelines and pontificate about what a libertarian or self-governance society would do in response to a pandemic, in this posting I aim to outline what specific actions I would have taken- and will take if still required- upon being elected Governor of Maine and how they would have affected our ability to respond to this situation and future ones. It would have been

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