Libertarianism In A Nutshell

We’re Looking for Libertarians

By Jim Baines, LPME Chair I am 53 years old, and I didn’t know I was a Libertarian until nine years ago. We already know there are disheartened former Republicans, Democrats, and Greens who have come to the Libertarian realization.  Beyond that, I believe there are thousands of unenrolled Mainers who don’t yet know they’re actually Libertarians.  We are making the move to find those people, and we need your help. Please LIKE our Facebook page, Libertarian Party of Maine, and invite those whom you believe fit the bill.  Social media is helping us spread the word, and we also

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A Lost Season

by Jim Baines & Tyler Rowe This school year, we really let our high school kids down. This is the time of year that we in Maine would be gathering in Bangor, Augusta, and Portland for the annual Maine Principals’ Association high school basketball tournaments. As we all know, due to the pandemic, we cannot gather en masse to observe what unites so many of us from all corners of the state. Due to the contagious nature of COVID-19, and the liability that could go with any potential transmissions, it’s certainly understandable why thousands of people cannot be in an

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Ask a Libertarian

by Tyler Rowe We want to hear from you! Are you new to libertarianism or the Libertarian Party? Have you been around “forever” but still have questions that you would like to hear our newsletter contributors, state leaders, or elected officials weigh in on? Is there an issue or policy that you struggle with or need more information about? Send your questions to us, and we will select several to answer in each of our newsletters. Please email with your questions.

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