Libertarianism In A Nutshell

Run for Office, and join Libertarians already serving in office in Maine.

by Tyler Rowe The Libertarian Party of Maine ultimately exists to affect public policy in the state. We have been active in writing bills, starting a citizen initiative, and lobbying our elected legislators in Augusta to vote for liberty. We are in the middle of an existential fight to become a permanent party in the state, and that is our primary focus in 2021. To support these goals, we need candidates to run for office! Right now, we have only five elected officials who are active within the LPME. We believe that there are other Libertarians elected to local offices

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Libertarians Circulating a Petition to Limit Emergency Powers

by Harrison Kemp On January 25, 2020, we started collecting signatures for our citizen initiative to limit the governor’s authority during a state of emergency and require the legislature to approve by 2/3 majority any extensions of the remaining powers for longer than 30 days. By making minor amendments to the existing law, we have removed many of the coercive aspects of the state’s available responses and will therefore ensure that individuals are free to make the best choices for themselves and their families. We need over 63,000 signatures from registered Maine voters by January 25, 2022, to get this

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Evret Greer running for selectperson in Wilton

Evret Greer, 35, a past Franklin County chair of the Libertarian Party of Maine, is running for selectperson in the town of Wilton. He will be running against incumbent selectperson Phil Hilton. Greer grew up in nearby Livermore Falls, graduating high school early to join the military. After his military service, he lived in Virginia and Colorado before returning to Maine. He has been a resident of Wilton for four years and has been serving on the town’s Finance Committee for the last two years. “I have enjoyed being a part of the prospering process for this town and wish

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