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Food Pantries

We know that volunteerism works, we have many examples of volunteer programs from children’s activities (sport, scouts, 4H) to fire departments.  One of the best examples of how volunteerism works better, with NO taxpayer funds, are food pantries.   Food pantries exist because the government taxpayer funded program (SNAP/food stamps) doesn’t work (if it did we wouldn’t need food pantries)   Food pantries in Maine are run strictly on a volunteer basis. A group of concerned citizen’s get together and make one.  The space is donated (fundraiser or a sponsoring organization covers building upkeep, utilities and supplies).  The food is donated.  The work is done

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Let’s talk about drugs (and race) …

by Tyler Rowe If that wasn’t provocative enough for you, let’s take a trip down memory lane looking at drug policy, including racially motivated drug policy, in the United States. In the early 20th century, cannabis was one of the first drugs that became outlawed as a precursor to what eventually became known as the “War on Drugs.” Minority populations in the U.S. were the primary users of cannabis. For example, many migrant Mexican-Americans smoked the cannabis plant as a way to relax after a hard day of work, much like white blue-collar workers may have relaxed with a beer,

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Rebecca Tuck: “Time to Level Up”

My journey to the Libertarian Party has been anything but direct, but that’s a story for another day. It was my experience this past year that led me to this point, and to my new position as the Cumberland County Chair for the Libertarian Party of Maine. Last year, in the midst of all of America’s exposed wounds, feeling as if they were also my own, I came to a major crossroads. Consumed with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness, I had only two choices: to bury my head in the sand — or to go all in. So, here I

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