by Shawn Levasseur

It’s been a while since the last issue of the Maine Libertarian was published. The most recent edition that we can find is from 2002. This halt in publication was mainly due to a decline in the LPME’s local activity but never resumed, as communications efforts became more focused on the web and later Facebook. Lately, we have grown and have become more active, organizing more at the county and regional levels with a growing number of activists joining our efforts.

But with the internet, the constant flow of information can be overwhelming to those who casually involve themselves in politics, and essential news can get lost in the sea of posts, comments, alerts, and memes. Furthermore, newsfeeds, websites, and social media aren’t for everyone. Others consume their information differently, and not actively participating in these venues can leave them in a void, feeling disconnected from the party.

With this, we have restarted the publication of the Maine Libertarian. The newsletter will be available in multiple formats:

  • E-mail newsletter
  • Downloadable PDF files (for use on e-readers or for local activists to print for outreach)
  • Paper editions mailed out as a benefit for dues-paying members and to introduce prospective new members to the party (limited due to the expense of mailing)
  • LPME social media and website will each host copies of newsletter articles, along with links to the PDF
  • Articles will appear online at

We aim to provide you news of our party’s growth, candidates running for office, events you can attend, and tips on becoming an activist. Commentary on state and local politics will also be a staple of the newsletter.

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