by Tyler Rowe

The Libertarian Party of Maine ultimately exists to affect public policy in the state. We have been active in writing bills, starting a citizen initiative, and lobbying our elected legislators in Augusta to vote for liberty. We are in the middle of an existential fight to become a permanent party in the state, and that is our primary focus in 2021. To support these goals, we need candidates to run for office!

Right now, we have only five elected officials who are active within the LPME. We believe that there are other Libertarians elected to local offices whom we have yet to meet as well. A primary goal of our efforts is to get more Libertarians serving their communities and our state. We’ve seen the significant impact our elected officials are having just by getting involved.

I hear frequently from town councilor Allen Esposito of Hampden about the awesome libertarian ideas that he is proposing to his town council every single time they meet. By taking a stance against government overreach, Allen and others like him are changing their local boards’ approaches to make them directed toward a freer community.

With John Andrews as the lone Libertarian serving in the State House in Augusta, we already have three LPME members who have pledged to run for the State House so that John doesn’t have to stand alone in Augusta as what sometimes seems like the only voice of reason.

If you have a passion for serving the people of your community and enacting real change in the way our government operates, please reach out to me at We can equip you with some tools to get started and connect you to local Libertarians who can help you run a successful campaign. If you want to run but need help identifying what office you should run for, we can help with that, too. Join the fight for freedom today!

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