by Harrison Kemp

On January 25, 2020, we started collecting signatures for our citizen initiative to limit the governor’s authority during a state of emergency and require the legislature to approve by 2/3 majority any extensions of the remaining powers for longer than 30 days. By making minor amendments to the existing law, we have removed many of the coercive aspects of the state’s available responses and will therefore ensure that individuals are free to make the best choices for themselves and their families.

We need over 63,000 signatures from registered Maine voters by January 25, 2022, to get this initiative on the ballot in November 2022. To read the initiative and share it with your friends, go to

Would you like to sign the petition or volunteer to collect signatures? Email me at, and I will connect you with a petitioner in your area or help you become one.

Can you make a $50 donation to help us get this initiative on the ballot? Please visit

We are also working to end no-knock warrants in Maine, and our legislation to do so has tri-partisan support in the legislature this session. Call your local Representative and Senator today and tell them you want to ban no-knock warrants in Maine.

Make sure to take our brief survey and share it with your friends at

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